Foreign Exchange Page Redesign

The Problem
As a customer planning to travel abroad, I want to know what services Wells Fargo offers for foreign exchange, and would also be interested in tips from a financial institution for managing my money when traveling abroad. From the foreign exchange page, I want to see both engaging information and clear next steps.

Design Problem
The current FX page was overly text-heavy (high cognitive load), and full of both outdated copy and components. Goal was to refresh the page and bring them up to the most recent style and standard guidelines for both visual design and content.

How can it be improved?
We need to increase clarity and readability with clear, conversational copy, and optimize the content based on what we uncovered in our data analysis by:
•    Adding clear next steps and actions
•    Updating information hierarchy and visual balance
•    Updating copy to make the page less text heavy
•    Adding information and clear next steps for foreign currency,
    foreign payments, and bank drafts



We created a design rationale that put both existing customers and prospects into focus using CTA’s and next steps for foreign currency and travel tips.

The page was also improved with updated copy, a large marquee displaying an energetic, vibrant image, along with two small promos and a multi-column creating a modern seamless easily scannable experience.

Understanding the current users the data
The most visited pages contain content about foreign currency, how to order it, and travel tips.

The least visited pages contain content about Euro currency and Spanish content

What the paths tell us about the customers vs prospects
Customers enter the FX page via Google, a direct search, or an internal search.
They are most likely to interact with the: Rates link, Sign on button and Branch locator

Prospects enter the FX page via Google, a direct search.
They are most likely to: Select the currency rates link- Navigate to the foreign exchange FAQ page


Unerstanding the SEO
We connected with our internal search team to better understand how our visitors come to the FX page via internal search. The team’s input helps us understand what content should be prioritized and what should be optimized for internal search.
Users are most likely to search for:
Foreign currency
Foreign currency exchange
Currency exchange

What are they Googling?
We also connected with our SEO team to better understand what and how content should be optimized for external search.
Users are most likely to search for:
Currency converter
Exchange rate
Foreign currency exchange
Foreign exchange
Users are less likely to search for:
Foreign currency FAQ
Foreign currency exchange
Currency exchange


Opportunities discovered?
We discovered 3 main opportunities:
1. Understand how we can create a page that works for both our customers and our prospects.  
2. Decide how we can introduce two clear paths that demonstrate how to order foreign currency and send/receive foreign payments.
3. Re-think how to use existing CTAs and introduce new links and CTAs to match what we learned in our data analysis.